noonereallyknowswhatwedo began as a way to save images, but as years passed, it evolved into an extensive visual research project. It became an image curation of unique perspectives — focused on the beauty, chaos, and comedic nature of life. The site has over 63,000 posts and has gained over 2,000 followers since its inception.

The brand has had a few different looks over the years, but with the evolution of NORKWWD from image curation to studio and publisher, it needed an update to reflect this new direction. An effort was made to expand to Instagram, which was partly successful. However, there were issues with inconsistent posting and a lack of context for images.

We were inspired by the enigmatic quality of the images, which led us to create a visual style that complements the main NORKWWD brand. While the website will still be the primary platform for the imagery, we have come up with a new strategy for Instagram that involves posting curated content with better consistency and context. By providing more details and descriptions, we can engage our curious audience more transparently.

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