Treatments Are Forever

Founded in 2015, Treatments Are Forever is a studio that collaborates with directors and producers at film production companies around the world. The studio provides visual research, treatment design, and art direction on commercial, feature film, television, and music video projects. Clients include Florence, Caviar, Alldayeveryday, Snow Beach, Object & Animal, and Superprime.

With a decade of experience in the industry, the studio saw an opportunity to expand and build a treatment template marketplace to benefit younger directors or production companies looking for customizable, high quality treatment designs at a low cost. Being such a small niche market with specific needs, it was ideal to develop a small range of products for testing.

The new Shopify website launched in the Summer of 2023 with 6 original template designs. The studio continues to provide custom treatment designs and visual research. The next steps are to implement a social media content strategy based on sharing our specific expertise and educating on the best treatment practices. Stay tuned!

Jesse Merrell, Creative Director
Mari Meyer, Copywriter

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Print Design
Social Media Strategy
UX/UI Design
Web Design

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