Start Today: Pause

‘Pause’ is a thought-provoking and introspective book that explores the power of reflection in our busy and hectic lives.

Drawing on personal family history, this book is about reflection of our past and pausing on what truly matters, and how we got to where we are today. By reflecting on your own experiences, you can use the power of pause to achieve greater clarity and purpose about your own life.

The book explores the concept of legacy, and how our actions and decisions in the present can shape the future of generations to come. By taking a mindful and intentional approach to our lives, we can create a positive and lasting impact on the world around us.

‘Start Today’ is a series of projects where progress is the goal and procrastination is the enemy.

︎︎︎ Specs
Printed on Ultra Digital Uncoated and French Paper Pop-Tone
10 x 12 inches
271 pages

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