Founded in 2021, Loop aims to simplify the lives of new parents by delivering high-quality baby products directly to their homes for a low monthly subscription fee. An eco-conscious company at its core, Loop reduces waste by enabling members to share these products and uses zero-emission delivery vehicles.

As a new startup, Loop made their initial website and logo to enter the market quickly. When success soon followed, the company saw an opportunity to upgrade their visual identity in a way that would set them apart in the baby gear space.

Inspired by research and interviews with Loop’s active membership base, we developed a brand strategy that highlights where the values of Loop and its members overlap. This led us to design a brand that’s both sophisticated and playful — tailored to modern parents.

︎︎︎ Team
Henry Vogel, Founder and Chairman, Loop
Lauren Reinhard, Marketing Director, Loop
Kevin Bethune, Creative Director
Jesse Merrell, Art Director
Christopher David Ryan, Illustrator

︎︎︎ Services
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction

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