The main purpose of LeaderMark is to advance the culture of work. Launched in the Fall of 2023, Founder Jeana Kim Graulty wanted to expand her consultancy into an all encompassing business. LeaderMark would provide self-mastery tools that create better individuals, teams, and companies.

There are many options available for higher education in business leadership. These institutions have impressive reputations, but are too large to adapt to quickly changing trends. LeaderMark has the opportunity to be more nimble and progressive in its offerings — creating a more inclusive environment for discussion.

Over the course of a month, we researched competitors, developed the brand strategy, and defined our audience. With a solid foundation, we bridged the gap into 4 brand themes, and designed multiple visual directions. Ultimately, we developed a visual identity that balances business credibility with an approachable, friendly look and feel.

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Jesse Merrell, Creative Director
Mari Meyer, Copywriter

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Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction

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