Jennifer Jade Lim

Jennifer Jade Lim is a Korean-American artist and designer based in Long Beach, CA. Her work explores her identity as a Korean woman living in America and a desire to express herself beyond expected cultural boundaries. She gravitates towards ideas that symbolize a deeper truth resembling a primal connection, such as images of the sea, life in rural Korea, Tibetan monks, haenyeo (Korean women divers), and calligraphy.

To balance out her design work versus artistic expression, she began experimenting and creating more personal work over the last few years. She journals daily and makes a conscious effort to spend time developing new work. With her ultimate goal to be recognized as an artist, she needed the foundational tools to grow, connect with others, and share her work.

We developed a brand strategy based on the spontaneity of her mark-making that felt authentic and truthful. A new brand identity, artist’s statement, website, and social media plan established a platform for her to grow from and network with artists and galleries.

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Jesse Merrell, Creative Director
Jennifer Merrell, Creative Director
Mari Meyer, Copywriter

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Art Direction
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