Over a decade ago, Invoy developed a device that analyzes breath which had a major impact on treatment of pediatric obesity. Today, Invoy combines their patented technology with coaching to help users reach their health goals.

Invoy’s breath technology and science were always the company’s leading forces, but the look and feel of the brand didn’t reflect that. Their goal was to elevate their brand identity to emphasize both reliability and accessibility, as well as attract new talent — from developers to scientists.

After researching competitors, similar companies and the marketplace, we developed a complete brand strategy built on Invoy’s core principles: science and guidance. Based on this, we designed an app, packaging and website. We also created an extensive asset library that includes photography, illustrations and diagrams.

Kevin Bethune, Head of Design
Jennifer Merrell, Head of Creative
Jesse Merrell, Art Director
Ayumi Takahashi, Illustrator
Christian Laufenböck, Developer

Art Direction
App Design
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Packaging Design
Print Design
Wesite Design

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