Field Unit

Established in 2018, Field Unit is a creative film production company that set itself apart by using smaller, highly specialized teams. This unique approach accomplishes more with less — fewer resources, quicker timelines, and greater flexibility.

Field Unit wanted to be more competitive within the film industry and become a contender for bigger projects. In order to accomplish this, they needed tools to approach new clients, so they could build long-lasting relationships and expand their existing network.

After extensively researching competitors, we developed a brand strategy based on the technical skill and expertise of Field Unit’s dedicated creative network. Through a full range of assets that include a website, capabilities deck and social media branding, Field Unit has been able to leverage their new brand identity to substantially grow their network and online presence.

︎︎︎ Team
Jesse Merrell, Creative Director
Andreas Antonsson, Developer
Ryan Carmody, Photographer
Kevin Oberbauer, Copywriter

︎︎︎ Services
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Print Design
UX/UI Design
Social Media Strategy
Web Design

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