Field Unit

Established in 2018, Field Unit is a creative film production company that set itself apart by using smaller, highly specialized teams. This unique approach accomplishes more with less — fewer resources, quicker timelines, and greater flexibility.

Field Unit wanted to be more competitive within the film industry and become a contender for bigger projects. In order to accomplish this, they needed tools to approach new clients, so they could build long-lasting relationships and expand their existing network.

After extensively researching competitors, we developed a brand strategy based on the technical skill and expertise of Field Unit’s dedicated creative network. Through a full range of assets that include a website, capabilities deck and social media branding, Field Unit has been able to leverage their new brand identity to substantially grow their network and online presence.

Jesse Merrell, Creative Director
Andreas Antonsson, Developer
Ryan Carmody, Photographer
Kevin Oberbauer, Copywriter

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Print Design
UX/UI Design
Social Media Strategy
Web Design

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