Eric Merrell

Eric Merrell is an artist based in Los Angeles. He is most known for painting by moonlight in the Southern California deserts. He prefers to experience the variety of our planet’s landscapes in person and considers his work a response to a physical place, rather than a transcription of it. Merrell frequently exhibits his work in shows and is represented by Maxwell Alexander Gallery.

Mainly known as a desert painter, Merrell felt limited in the type of work he could create. He wanted to be free to paint new ideas that excited him and expand his network outside of the Western art world to find an audience he could better connect with.

Inspired by his need to explore combined with the perspective of high end fine art galleries, we created a brand strategy and identity that reflects those philosophies. We redefined his big idea from ‘desert painter’ to ‘bold colorist’ — creating a space for him to create what he wants without restrictions. An updated website, biography, and simplified workshop collateral allowed for more time dedicated to his art.

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Jesse Merrell, Creative Director
Mari Meyer, Copywriter

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Art Direction
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